Passwords: Ways to keep them Secure

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In the computerized world we are living in, passwords are something everyone eventually must deal with. Whether it is for work emails, or for your smart devices or cell phone. Having a secure password that you can remember but hackers cannot guess is important. So how do you do this and avoid reusing an old trusty password repeatedly?   There are a few ways. From creating longer and more secure passwords to using passphrases. These should be nonsensical, using…

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Pandemic and Technology

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As we have all begun to feel the normalcy creep back into our daily lives, we find that so many things have transitioned to a virtual world. Things like school and work, as well as doctor’s visits and consultations, just to name a few. Many are helpful to us and we hope those pieces sticks around. However, some are not as helpful and…

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Christmas Technology

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As the Christmas season is fast approaching many of us are scrambling for those perfect last-minute gifts for those that are harder to buy for. So, what is the perfect gift? It can be anything that person wants or needs. For many the perfect gift now included batteries and some type of charger. Technological gifts are…

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Encryption; Good or Not so Good?

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Today’s security measures can range from complete encryption of the entire computer or server, or it can mean encrypting only those items that are sensitive in nature. A complete encryption may seem like the best option to keep data secure, but this can slow down a system so dramatically that it is hard to complete other…

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Thanksgiving and Tech 

As the holiday season is fast approaching, many of us turn to our devices for a multitude of reasons. Technology has now invaded every aspect of our lives and the holidays. Here we will take a quick peek at some of the most popular technological uses for the holiday season. There are many tech gadgets that we have come to rely on…

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Security in the Pandemic

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Since the pandemic of COVID-19 began, there has been a rapid rise in the number of jobs that can be performed at home. But what does this trend mean for the security of the company’s sensitive information? And how can businesses help keep the information available to the employees who need it and away from the hackers who…

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Ransomware Attacks on the Rise

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Ransomware attacks Rising  Ransomware attacks on the healthcare industry are on the rise. The Herjavec Group wrote a 2020 Healthcare Cybersecurity Report and found that cases have quadrupled between 2017 and 2020. Doctor’s offices and even some smaller hospitals have been forced to close their doors due to ransomware attacks that encrypted or kidnapped their data. Ransomware attacks seeking payment for releasing data have…

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Technology in Today’s Healthcare

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Technology in today’s Healthcare                                                                               Technology has moved into everything around us now. From our smart phones, to our refrigerators that can assess the contents and order groceries for you, technology is growing. The medical field has seen technology invade every aspect of care, from testing on machines that can upload results instantly to the doctors and nurses, to the way patients and their families are notified of care. So,…

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